Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy birthday my best friend REGIA-KIMKIM

yesterday was such an awesome day. i am not watching "breaking down" movie, but it more fun. Gave my friend a surprise party in her school ! 

thank to all kimkim's friends at 9 hs that helps me and my friends to prank her. lol 
HAPPY SWEET 17th once again for you kim !

then next we having a late lunch at pizza hut. and i pay the bill. haha so late 
  i always having a lot of fun with you girls. and taraaaa i got a late birthday present from the girls. it's a wedges and i'm so loved it. thanks :)
so my brothet gave me a white watch and my friend gave me a white wedge.
all white. lol
so i'm so thankful that i have you guys. 
you're my  best best friends 

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