Thursday, January 9, 2014

hey blog again. such a long time.
i'm home already, always good being home :)

actually it was my first flight home alone. the waiting part it just such a super boring.
yup yup nothing to do

i'm feeling sick since two days ago. i dunno why or what's wrong.
and it's weird that i have a freckles on my right hand. it's just happen
maybe i had an allergy or something
gonna check it tomorrow
hope it's not a big problem

i guess i need a new book to read
i need something to helps me escape
you know when you doubt about someone
someone that you think you love

have fun, it's holiday!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Home again already !!
it's always full of fun going home with yewws pret.
the road part is my favorite

kerasa banget dirumahnya saat baru duduk dimobil dan papah udah ngoceh aja tentang burung yang mengadaptasikan teori fisika saat mereka terbang jauh bareng kelompok mereka. tau kah kalian itu berawal darimana?? hahaha itu berawal dari gw yang ga sengaja ngeliat dengan anehnya bebek di pasar yang duduk anteng. bokap gw sih langsung aja nyerocos sampe nyasar ke burung dengan teori fisika.

then i'm home, dan nyokap gw fokus banget ngobrol dibelakang rumah sama uwa gw yang mau kepasar sampe sampe anaknya muter muter rumah manggilin dia dan dia tidak mengrubrisnya sama sekali. hahaha dodol

but we always end it with a tight hug to each other. that's me and my family looks like :) <3
so great being home.